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Superb Steel Inc.

We believe in providing value and quality to our customers. With years of industry experience and high customer satisfaction we provide a wide range of services. Our offerings include an assortment of services from structural steel to ornamental railings. Please browse our projects for more information.


A comprehensive repair and service facility with fully equipped manufacturing shop that performs various types of jobs - from ornamental iron to heavy structural and custom orders. We also offer a fully accredited gas repair facility, as well as a wide range of welding machines from small portable sets to large sub arc power sources. You will find competitive rates for either short or long term hire and complete back up on all hire units.


Offering quality welding services and manufacturing custom order products is our business. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable personnel with experience in all facets manufacturing. You will find we have mobile personnel for on site work and after hours repair services. Our well-equipped workshops are adequately equipped for minor repairs as well as major re-builds. We offer A-to-Z services for all your welding needs - from ordering the materials to cutting, fabrication, assembly, painting and installation.

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